Eriez Orange University is Rolling Your Way…

 Eriez Orange University is Rolling Your Way…


 Education and Demonstration Center

A mobile hands-on learning center filled with Eriez Magnetic Separators, Vibratory Feeders and Screeners.


It’s Rolling Your Way!  June 23rd through June 27th with Robertson Equipment Company

Orange University® will be in Ohio the week of June 23rd through June 27th, so please call your local Eriez rep at Robertson Equipment Company at 440-268-9890 early to schedule your visit as this service books fast! We will also be following up shortly to ensure that our visit to your facility goes smoothly and goes beyond your expectation!

So, what is Orange University™?

Orange University® is a world-class personal experience staged in a 38-foot RV designed to provide hands-on learning services throughout all of North America. Eriez Factory Tour Pros and your Local Eriez Representative(s) are on board to answer all your questions and guide equipment demonstrations that you participate in!


 What’s on Board?

Orange University® is loaded with a large cross section of Magnetic Separators, Vibratory Feeders and Screeners, and Inspection & Detection Systems. What couldn’t physically fit in OU is still on board by way of several high-performance computer systems carrying the balance of Eriez capabilities through digital technologies.


Since 1942, Eriez has been the world leader in advanced Magnetic Separation, Vibratory, Feeding/Metering/Conveying/Screening, and Inspection Systems is headed your way with their newest tool in helping your business be the best it can be. Orange University® is designed to educate you and your staff with how Eriez can help improve your process, improve product quality, reduce operating costs, and reduce liabilities


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