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Every processing system requires some form of material handling equipment. We select equipment that meets the needs of your project. Whether that means custom designing and fabricating a belt conveyor or working with other equipment manufacturers, we keep your material moving.

Improper design can cause a multitude of problems; spillage, fugitive dust, blocked chutes, uneven feed and accelerated wear on process equipment. We have the experience to design your material handling system to eliminate these problems.

At Robertson Equipment Company, we consider material characteristics, such as bulk density and material flow rates, as well as environmental factors when selecting and designing material handling equipment. Thorough consideration is given to ensure the correct material handling solution for your unique project needs.

Years Established

Completed Projects


Green Street Iron

Owned and operated by the Weber family, the recycling operation has undergone a major transformation since the end of 2013 with almost $19 million invested in new equipment and infrastructure, including a variety of Eriez® recycling products.

Old Mansion Foods

Old Mansion adheres to FSMA regulations and global food safety standards and enforces strict
sanitation practices with Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs). An essential part of the
company’s Food Safety Plant includes the Eriez® Xtreme® Metal Detector, which is specially
designed to detect small metal contaminants.

Edwards Sand & Gravel

Moving crushed sandstone out of the quarry requires the use of two Eriez® Model 75B Vibratory Feeders, which are positioned over a belt conveyor in the quarry tunnel. The units function as pile discharge feeders and meter minus 2 ¾” stone to an inline belt conveyor.



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